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Pomagro NV

The Pomagro company, based at Tirlemont between Brussels and Liège, specializes in the production of powdered inorganic fertilizers made mainly on the basis of by-products from the agri-food industry.

Pomagro focuses on producing and marketing mixtures of potassium sulphate based K, PK, NK, NPK inorganic fertilizers. Pomagro has extended its product range by providing limestone-based soil conditioners. Besides meeting the needs of crop farmers, Pomagro provides many advantages to cattle farmers as well. Boval for instance, is a liquid product ensuring increased protein intake with ruminant nutrition.

Pomagro's main production plant is in Tirlemont. A second one is located in Jodoigne and is mainly used to store finished products. A French branch based in Reims, FAV-POMAGRO, allows us to extend our marketing activities to northern France.

Pomagro has a direct line to farmers through its technical and sales representatives in Belgium and in France. Our commercial network has been extended by distributing our products through many traders and dealers, in Belgium and in France.

Pomagro aims mainly at providing its customers with formulations matching their needs and above all at providing quality products and the best service to ensure maximum benefits.

To achieve these goals, Pomagro has a staff of fifteen. The company has grown but it has nevertheless kept its family business spirit where respect and trust remain basic values.

This list typically contains only production facilities related to the potato Industry, e.g. Potato Processing facilities

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Pomagro NV
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