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Premiere Irrigation Adritec Pvt Ltd

Premier Irrigation® has been an integral part of India’s micro-irrigation development, over 50 years as a pioneer in the manufacturing of modern irrigation equipment and systems in India.

In 2008, it entered into a joint venture with the Jordan-based Adritec Group International (AGI) and thus became Premier Irrigation Adritec™ (PIAL).

In sprinkler irrigation, the development of the ultra-high-pressure HDPE piping systems for arduous duty in tea and coffee plantations was pioneered in India by PIAL.

In foreign markets, many developing agricultural economies benefit from PIAL’s practical experience based on the very wide range of crops irrigated in India with its diverse climatic and soil conditions and the need for practical and economic solutions. PIAL works with local farmers to find a solution to their needs and ensure success drawing upon its comprehensive range of equipment, experience and expertise.

Service is available for various crops such as Potato, Banana, Sugarcane, Maize, etc.

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