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PT East West Seed Indonesia (Cap Panah Merah)

Company Description
PT East West Seed Indonesia (abbreviated as EWINDO) is a joint venture between Enza Zaden and East-West Seed. The Indonesian name is "Cap Panah Merah"

Established in 1990, EWINDO's mission is to provide high quality seeds to increase farmers' income and to increase vegetable consumption in Indonesia. EWINDO works with over 7,000 seed production farmers in West and East Java and supplies seeds to more than 10 million commercial vegetable farmers throughout Indonesia.

The company conducts research, develops, produces and markets hybrid tropical vegetables seeds. The company produces and sells over 150 high-quality tropical vegetable seed varieties, that are adapted to the local climate, markets and growing conditions.
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Contact Information
Desa Benteng, Kecamatan Campaka, Kec.
Purwakarta 41181 Jawa Barat
+62 264 201875
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