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RFC International Ltd

RFC International is a supplier of frozen vegetables and sweet potato fries based out of the United Kingdom.

Founded in 2018, they have been supplying frozen sweet potato fries to wholesalers, retailers, and consumers alike in the UK.

Due to their strict taste for nothing but quality, RFC sources their sweet potatoes directly from International Food and Consumable Goods Egypt. IFCG Egypt is one of the largest frozen potato producers in the world. In fact, they are the only producer of sweet potato fries in the Middle East and Europe. The chunk of sweet potatoes you see around are sourced from them. They produce varieties of high quality frozen sweet potatoes.

The companies mission is to ensure that consumers enjoy high-quality sweet potatoes in the UK at all times.

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RFC International Ltd
  • 4th Floor, Centenary House, 1 Centenary Way, Greater Manchester
    M50 1RF
    United Kingdom