Royal Zap

More than a century of experience in the selection of seed (potatoes) and grains, the fertile clay soil in our polders in the northern part of North Holland, strict controls, and a mild maritime climate, have resulted in a first-class end product: healthy seed potatoes and grains.

Since 2017, through cooperation with Semagri Holland, an even more powerful company has emerged with its own varieties with which we are active in the table, fries and chips sectors.

It goes without saying that from that moment on the cultivation of seed potatoes for Royal ZAP is not only entrusted to the North Holland soil but has become a cultivation throughout the Netherlands. We export the proceeds from this all over the world, with an emphasis on North Africa, the Middle East and (Eastern) Europe.

As an extra service we can print NAK certificates that you can pick up at our office in Wieringerwerf.
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