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Serya Alimentos S.A.

Serya Alimentos S.A. is a Brazilian company focused on the production and marketing of frozen potato specialties.

In fact, Serya Alimentos was the first company in Brazil to focus on the production of Potato Specialties from shredded or mash potatoes.

The company started in 2008 as a distributor of french fries, but - inspired by consumers - the shareholders decided to invest in the production of value added potato products in 2012.

The Serya Alimentos factory has an annual capacity of 12 thousand tons and is located in Araxá, in the state of Minas Gerais, the main region for potato production in Brazil.

Serya Alimentos has committed itself to the development of a wide range of concepts and product formats to meet a wide range of customer tastes, either in food service, retail or industry.

Furthermore, the company has developed an innovative process to maintain the quality, taste and nutrients from fresh potatoes in its products.

This list typically contains only production facilities related to the potato Industry, e.g. Potato Processing facilities

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Serya Alimentos S.A.
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