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Snow Valley

Zhangjiakou SnowValley Agriculture Development Co., Ltd. is a potato company in China, covering the potato production chain. Aviko acquired a majority interest in the company in June 2014, after which the company was renamed Aviko-Snow Valley. However, in December 2018 Cosun (Aviko) announced the sale of its shares in the Joint venture (51%) to Zhangjiakou SnowValley Agriculture Development Co., Ltd.

Initially, Snow Valley only focused on the cultivation of seed potatoes and the sale of table and processing potatoes.

In 2012 the organisation built a fries factory, in which it relied on the expertise contributed by Aviko. Production started in 2013. From that moment onward Aviko has been responsible for the sale of the product. Given the fast rise in demand, the intention is for the organisation to considerably expand its production capacity in the near future (2014). Moreover, a potato flakes production line was constructed.

This process of up-scaling requires additional potato storage capacity as well as an expansion of storage facilities for frozen finished potato products. 

With an investment of RMB 1 billion (about USD 150 million) in its Potato processing production, Snow Valley now (2022) operates three production lines, including two lines dedicated to producing high-quality frozen French Fries. These processing lines consume an estimated 400,000 tons of raw potatoes and the annual production capacity has reached 150,000 tons of frozen French Fries and 10,000 tons of Potato Flakes.

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Snow Valley
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