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Technico Horticultural (Kunming) Co Ltd

THKL was established in Kunming,P.R.China in 1998 as a wholly foreign owned enterprise with headquarters in Australia. It is a controlled environment seed potato production facility in South East Asia with a production capacity up to 12,000,000 Technituber® seeds per annum.

Technituber® seed is used for multiplication programs in Asia and throughout the Middle East. Technico is their parent company and the world’s leading rapid seed potato producer.

Technico,based in Astralia, is the proprietor of the Technituber® seed technology, which provides access to the latest developments in seed potato multiplication and production. Technituber® seed is produced and sold in Australia, Canada, South Asia, the Middle East, Africa and China.
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Technico Horticultural (Kunming) Co Ltd