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Timac Agro United Kingdom

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TIMAC AGRO is a manufacturer specializing in soil, plant and animal nutrition/welfare. For more than 60 years, TIMAC AGRO a subsidiary of the Groupe Roullier, has been constantly innovating to offer agronomic and animal nutrition/welfare solutions that improve agricultural performance in an environmentally-friendly way.

Technical products

Timac Agro use all their technical expertise to enrich the products with innovative technologies to deliver high performance levels, adapting them to meet everyone's specific needs. These performance levels are verified in the lab and during field trials.

Conventional products

Designed to satisfy standard agricultural needs, their conventional products cater to plant and animal nutrition. Each of the products meets the highest international standards in terms of quality and security. The goal is to satisfy the precise needs of productive and sustainable agriculture: less volume, more efficiency.

Natural innovation

To allow the farms to benefit from healthy and efficient solutions, Timac Agro researchers are guided by natural mechanisms, replicating their essential properties. The mechanisms of seaweed, lichen and moss are examined by the R&D teams, working closely with international academic experts. They are focused on finding natural solutions that will meet the precise needs of a soil, crop of farm.

Industrial Flexibility

Their 37 factories make no less than 200 different formulas: soil improvers, starter fertilizers, granular fertilizer, foliar biostimulants and many others.
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Timac Agro United Kingdom
  • Rothamsted, West Common
    AL5 2JQ
    United Kingdom