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Top Tier Ingredients, LLC is a leading manufacturer of potato flakes and potato flour from the USA. Their state-of-the-art facility integrates the newest sustainability and technology practices to meet growing customer needs.

To accomplish this, they rely on cutting-edge equipment and technology throughout the manufacturing process. These modern instruments and processes allow the company to closely monitor and manage every stage of the potato flake and flour manufacturing, ensuring precision and uniformity.

Its streamlined processes also allow them to meet customer requests in a timely manner, bridging the gap in obtaining a constant and reliable supply of critical ingredients. With their ongoing commitment to quality and dependability, they exceed customer expectations and deliver dependable products.

News for this Company

Jeremie Pavelski, President at Heartland Farms, Top Tier Ingredients, checks the potato flake optical sorter
May 14, 2024

Top Tier Ingredients facility built by Pavelski family to meet growing need for potato flakes

With knowledge and experience in the potato business dating back five generations, the Pavelski family of Heartland Farms, in Hancock, Wisconsin, is using that experience to improve its operations.