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Ukrainian Potato Growers Association

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The idea of ​​creating an Association of Potato Producers has long been heard from the mouths of the potato industry of Ukraine. There was also a need among the manufacturers themselves to join forces around truly important industry issues.

Thus, on August 10, 2010, at the initiative of the largest potato producers in Ukraine, and with the support of the International Finance Corporation IFC, the Ukrainian Potato Growers Association was established .

Creating an elite club of professional potato growers was the first step towards creating a civilized potato market in Ukraine.

The main purpose of the Association is to provide the Ukrainian population with quality and safe potatoes of domestic production by combining enterprises - professional potato producers and other organizations-participants of the potato market.

The purpose of the Association is also to increase the economic efficiency and competitiveness of its members in the field of industrial potato production through constant regular exchange of experience, knowledge, information and coordination of economic activities.

The main objectives of the Association:

  • development of national Ukrainian potato;
  • coordination of the efforts of the Association's members to procure material and technical resources of the MTP and to monitor the MTP suppliers;
  • conducting quantitative and qualitative studies of the potato market to increase the economic efficiency of participants' economic activities;
  • establishing open long-term partnerships between agricultural producers and processing companies;
  • establishing close links with trading networks in Ukraine and abroad;
  • development and implementation of uniform quality standards for potatoes, taking into account world practice;
  • introduction into production of scientific and technical achievements of genetics and breeding, cooperation with seed companies;
  • conducting trainings, seminars, conferences, organization of study trips in order to increase professional level;
  • exchange of practical experience in potato farming among the Association members;
  • dissemination of information about the activities of the Association and its members, support of participants in establishing contacts with partners in Ukraine and abroad.

The Charter of the Association is built in such a way that all Ukrainian companies, professionally engaged in potato cultivation, have the right to become full members of the Association. We are interested in expanding the range of members of the Association, which will make it possible to fully realize all the ideas and projects that we have conceived.

We are deeply convinced that the Ukrainian Association of Potato Producers is a real management tool in the potato market that creates conditions for further growth and development of participants, increases the overall quality level of national potatoes in Ukraine.

This list typically contains only production facilities related to the potato Industry, e.g. Potato Processing facilities

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Ukrainian Potato Growers Association
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