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The University of Vienna (UNIVIE)

The University of Vienna aims at strengthening its position in interdisciplinary and internationally visible fields of research that are not only eligible for funding but also relevant to society in which it is rooted through the achievements of excellent academics.

The Faculty of Life Sciences, the Faculty of Chemistry and the Centre for Molecular Biology conduct research on the requirements for a healthy life. The academics involved identify symptoms of diseases and develop new treatment approaches.

They investigate natural substances, conduct food safety tests and explore the effect of food and substances on the human body, seeing that the multifaceted relationships between living beings and the environment have been thrown out of balance.

What do we have to know about living in symbiosis with nature? To answer this question, research foci range from all ecosystems to the smallest microorganisms.

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The University of Vienna (UNIVIE)
  • Althanstraße 14 (UZA I)
    1090 Wien