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Vitrocom Holland BV

Agrico, Leo de Kock and Nedato join forces for ware potatoes.

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Vitrocom Holland BV, together with its sister company Pothos Plant Nederland, has a broad knowledge and experience in the production of certified disease free potato tissue culture plants used for seed potatoes.

For more then 15 years an increasing number of minitubers have been produced for many prominent potato companies in the Netherlands and abroad. Also individual growers and breeders have selected Vitrocom.

Vitrocom and Pothos are both not active in potato breeding and do not have potato varieties of their own and therefore are not playing an active role in the potato market and are an independent partner in the production chain of seed potatoes.

In the tissue culture laboratory of Vitrocom Holland the plants are initiated from field grown plants or from mother tubers. After initiation several tests are carried out for bacterial and viral diseases. From these tested plants a mother stock is maintained which can be used for several years of production.

This stock will be kept under the most favorable conditions in the laboratory. After the production of the tissue culture plants, the plants are weaned and hardened off in the greenhouse of Pothos Plant Nederland or go directly to their customers as a tissue culture plant.

In the special quarantined greenhouse the minitubers are grown under virus free conditions. Finally the tubers are harvested, sorted and counted.

Delivery of the certified minitubers takes place in October each year.

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