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Waterleau offers environmental services and solutions to both industry and municipalities in the fields of water, air and waste treatment as well as in new energy recovery.

Pioneering in the recovery of resources

Waterleau’s mission is to help industries achieve their sustainable development goals.

Our expertise in environmental technologies has helped companies to reduce their water, waste and energy footprint, while complying to discharge regulations at minimum capital end operational expenditures.

Our holistic approach for natural resources management includes integrated solutions for process water production, wastewater treatment, and energy recovery from wastewater and food waste as well as water recovery from bio-effluent. Closing the water loop, maximal water recovery and biogas recovery for power, heat or steam production are paramount in a production plant’s resources planning.

Waterleau mission statement

Potato Power: Turning potato processing waste and wastewater into new energy.

The organic pollution in plant wastewater and potato waste is a great source of energy.

Waterleau counts more than 500 references in biogas recovery from wastewater in the beverage, dairy, potato and sugar industry.

In the potato industry sustainable energy can not only be recovered from wastewater, but also from potato peels, rejected fries or other wasted potato products. In addition waste fats and oils are an important energy source.

Up to 60 % of the overall needed energy to process the plant can be recovered from its wastewater and potato waste.

Waterleau's BIOTIM UASB/UAC and WET AD anaerobic reactors have been implemented in more than 30 potato processing plants in Belgium, The Netherlands, France, Germany and China.

Our team of environmental specialists are eager to help you turning your potato processing plant into a water and energy recovery facility.


Waterleau's wastewater and potato waste treatment references in the potato processing industry include:
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