ZITO & CO. s.r.l. Società Agricola

The products we sell. Our production is concentrated in the best terrains of red earth in Syracuse, in the triangle Syracuse, Cassibile (famous for the new potatoes) eFloridia.

The products we sell are:

  • new and consumption potatoes,
  • lettuce (Roman, trocadero, iceberg)
  • fennel, celery, green beans, lemons (Syracuse female),
  • oranges (navelina, tarot, valencia), beans,
  • onions (white, golden).

ZITO & CO. s.r.l. Società Agricola

Packaging of our products

We are able to deliver our products in 12 hours from the order in Sicily, with our vehicles (refrigerated) and 36 hours in the rest of Italy with our trusted carriers. Minimum order 2 platforms, for large centers also 1 platform.

Our company is able to package the products chosen by our customers, these are our packages:

  • Potatoes, in c / wood (12 / 13kg), boxes of kg.12,5, jute bags of 25 kg, vertibag of kg.1 / 2.5 kg, bag of raschel kg.3 / 4 / 5.
  • Lettuce in c / wood and / or plastic from single / double layer.
  • Citrus fruits, stowed by kg.6, bulk, vertibag kg.1 / 2.5 and with leaf.
  • Onions, in c / bulk wood or vertibag of kg.1. Finish in c / plastic 8 pcs (single layer), 16pcs (double layer), Sedani in c / plastic 8 pcs,
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ZITO & CO. s.r.l. Società Agricola
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