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Kartoffel-Centrum Bayern GmbH

Agrico, Leo de Kock and Nedato join forces for ware potatoes.

Solapas principales

Kartoffel-Centrum Bayern GmbH KCB was registered in October 1998 in the Register Court of Augsburg. Aviko, part of the Dutch Cosun Group, summed up to build a factory for French fries production at Lech as Europe’s largest potato processors the decision in Rain.

The raw material supply with potatoes should be done by an offshore service company. The company Wilhelm Weuthen in Schwalmtal the Lower Rhine was entrusted with the service and have this set up the appropriate tools and skills.

Kartoffel-Centrum Bayern GmbH KCB

Kartoffel-Centrum Bayern GmbH KCB

The company Wilhelm Weuthen, a subsidiary of Raiffeisen Waren-Zentrale Rhein -Main eG belonging to the cooperative organization , was looking for a suitable partner to the task of raw material supply deal with.

BayWa AG , Munich, was the ideal partner. Thus, the regional reference to potato production and access to the international potato market by Weuthen was ensured.

The shareholders BayWa and Wilhelm Weuthen GmbH & Co KG , each holding a 50% stake , founded the KCB and have taken a forward-looking decision.

The supply of Aviko – production with Bavarian potato was a major challenge, The KCB conducted numerous regional farmers’ meetings at which the targets were presented. A long-term partnership with the Bavarian producers was sought.

The investments of Aviko in Rain am Lech, in one of the most modern production facilities around the world , progress was swift , as well as the investments of the KCB. A modern, efficient processing operation for just- in.time supply in 3-shift operation was built.

The commissioning of the two investments were made in December 1999. The MRP for the processing of raw materials amounted to 120,000 tons / year. The goals that were associated with the investment in Rain am Lech, have been achieved , even exceeded.

With the start of the 2011 harvest their second location Geiselhöring went into operation.

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