Variety Name: ZobraRights Holder | Breeder: Country of Origin: Spain SpainYear of of introduction: 1997
Zobra is an early-season, long-tuber potato which is best suited for the industrial manufacturing of French fries. But owing to its very good flavor, Zorba can also be used as a mealy cooking table potato. This variety is distinguished by an excellent suitability to be cultivated under foil.

Some interesting facts about ZORBA:
  • Very low susceptibility to damage and bruises.
  • Excellently suited for long-term storage due to a low content of reducing sugars risk and a strong dormancy.
  • High resistance to Y virus and common scab.
  • Moderate resistance to Rhizoctonia.
  • Should be irrigated when grown on lighter soils to benefit from the high yield potential.
  • Because of a fast tubergrowing fertilization with micronutrients is recommended.
  • Resistance against wart disease 1(8).

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