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With summer drawing to a close and home, school and work calendars filling up once again, parents are looking for quick and wholesome dinner options for their busy families.

McCain Foods (Canada) is launching a new product that is perfect for parents who want to enjoy a sit-down family dinner but don't always have the time to get it ready.

McCain's Harvest SplendourTM Medleys is a new potato-vegetable combination available in your grocer's frozen vegetable aisle. They come in four great combinations—Potato and Carrot, Potato and Broccoli, Yukon Gold Potato and Mushroom and Three Potato Medley—and each contains a customized seasoning pack so you can flavour the dish to your own taste. Best of all, they are ready in just 12 minutes.

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McCain Foods (Canada) Potato medleys

Like all new McCain products, they are also part of the company's McCain It's All GoodTM initiative, which means they are made with real, simple ingredients like you would find in your own kitchen and contain no artificial flavours or colours.

Elizabeth O'Neill, Brand Manager, Potatoes, for McCain Foods (Canada), says Harvest Splendour TM Medleys are perfect for Canadian families on the go.

"For most families, mealtimes are all about taste, convenience and speed,"she said, "and this product delivers on all three. It's also nutritious because it's made from great vegetables."

O'Neill says people often prepare potatoes and a second vegetable as two separate side dishes. Combining them into one dish eliminates much of the preparation time and waste, she said.

"Cooking the product in a skillet is fast and easy, but some consumers prefer baking, instead. If you have your oven on anyway, you just put them in, set the timer and forget about them until they're done. It doesn't get much easier than that."

She said McCain conducted extensive consumer testing to get just the right combinations of vegetables and the perfect seasonings to match. Recognizing that tastes vary, people can choose to add more or less seasoning and customize the dish for their own family.

Harvest SplendourTM Medleys is a natural for McCain. It combines the company's expertise in potatoes with its long history in frozen vegetables. It's a unique combination that's certain to please Canadian families from coast to coast.