Farmer's Promise: RPE is Bridging the Gap Between Farmers and Shoppers with this New Brand

Bridging the Gap Between Farmers and Shoppers – RPE, LLC Announces New Brand

Bridging the Gap Between Farmers and Shoppers – RPE, LLC Announces New Brand.

Noviembre 03, 2022
There are many brands that know how to grow great potatoes, onions and sweet potatoes and get them on the grocery shelf or into our favorite foods. Then what? Is blind consumption anyway to live? Not according to consumer trends, which indicate the desire for more information about food sources and preparation possibilities.

RPE, LLC introduces a new potato, onion, and sweet potato commodity brand – Farmer’s Promise Serving Up Confidence®. The brand bridges the gap between the farmer and the consumer using an omni channel strategy - digital media, in-store merchandising, QR codes and online connections.
Farmer's Promise Collection of Bags

Farmer's Promise Collection of Bags

Rachel Atkinson-Leach, Vice President at Brand & Category Excellence:
"Farmer’s Promise recognizes consumers are hungry. Not just for a great selection of healthy food to feed their bodies, but for knowledge to feed their minds – connecting where food comes from and how it gets from the plant to the plate. Our Farmers are truly the shining stars of the brand."
In less than a year, Farmer’s Promise is already a Top 10 national brand with higher sales productivity than historic brands. In addition to the mainstream commodity Russet, Red and Yellow potatoes, the line also includes organics, value-add and a new specialty line extension titled Reserve coming in Q1 2023.

Several consumer research studies show consumers respond favorably to recipe images and meal pairing inspiration on packaging. The Spudology and Onionology platforms on packaging and on the website provide a highly-effective way to educate consumers about our farmers and provide tips and inspiration.
Farmer's Promise Bag Attributes

Farmer's Promise Bag Attributes

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