Newtec Celox-P-UHD sorter helps out potato supplier Storøhage Kartofler

Newtec Celox-P-UHD for Potato Sorting.
Newtec Celox-P-UHD for Potato Sorting.
Agosto 22, 2022

One happy, long-term Newtec customer is Peter Anker Nielsen, CEO and owner of Storøhage Kartofler, a potato supplier that grows high-quality potatoes from the extraordinarily nutrient-rich agricultural area of Lammefjorden, Denmark.

Besides using several Newtec weighing machines in their production, Storøhage Kartofler uses two Newtec optical sorting machines to sort approximately 20t / hour of potatoes by their quality, size and shape.

Peter Anker Nielsen, CEO and owner of Storøhage Kartofler:

"For over 30 years, we have used Newtec machines here at Storøhage Kartofler, and we are talking about machines with unusually high precision and machines that virtually never break."

"In addition, it is easy to get hold of spare parts, and we know that when we call, Newtec will be here, and they will stay until the machines run, and it's just really, really nice to deal with. Its professional decency all the way."
Celox-P-UHD optical sorting machine for potatoes

The solution deployed by Storøhage Kartofler is a popular one in the potato industry. Named Celox-P-UHD, the machine uses cutting-edge machine vision technology to grade washed potatoes by their size, shape and quality. In the camera section, the potatoes are propelled forward with gentle roller vibrations to ensure visual inspection from all angles.
(Click picture to watch video)Newtec Optical Sorting Machine, Model Celox- P-UHD, - Size: 20-28 mm. square mask

Newtec Optical Sorting Machine, Model Celox- P-UHD, - Size: 20-28 mm. square mask

Three cameras capture the precise data needed by the machine to redirect each potato into up to 16 different categories configured by the operator.

With this, operators and factory managers have the flexibility to split their bulk produce into a range of selections most profitable to them.

Advantages include:
  • Intuitive interface for configuring products by quality, size and shape
  • Optimised use of crop, including accurate selection of high-value potatoes
  • Labour cost savings
  • High throughput
  • Gentle product handling with low drop height
  • Robust stainless-steel construction
Moreover, customers gain a trusted partner with international experience and a network of dedicated local representatives. Newtec is represented in more than 50 countries worldwide, meaning a local specialist is always nearby to help whenever needed.

These dealers and partners ensure that each customer gets the best solution and a machine that operates at peak productivity at all times.
Newtec Celox-P-UHD

Newtec Celox-P-UHD