Potato Processor Farm Frites publishes its Sustainability Report for 2022

Together for a greener future: Farm Frites Sustainability Report 2022

Together for a greener future: Farm Frites Sustainability Report 2022

Julio 24, 2023
With the most disruptive phases of the COVID-19 pandemic in the past, Farm Frites team was able to place renewed focus on reaching their sustainability goals in 2022. Farm Frites has shared the significant advancements made across their diverse focus areas.

But while they celebrate their accomplishments, there are also areas where progress has been limited, requiring them to redouble their efforts. Emboldened by their achievements, their objective remains clear: to relentlessly pursue a more sustainable, inclusive, and greener future.

Dreaming green

Farm Frites is committed to contributing to the worldwide effort to counter climate change. They have set concrete objectives in seven focus areas.

Climate change and energy

Farm Frites has made remarkable strides towards their climate change and energy goals. In 2022, they nearly met their 2025 target concerning energy intensity putting them well on track to meeting their 2030 goal as well.

Moreover, Farm Frites managed to reduce their carbon emission intensity by 8.7% compared to 2018. By optimising production efficiency and rationalising their product portfolio, they have made significant efficiency gains. The next step is to further increase the use of sustainable energy, such as bio-energy, wind, hydro and solar.

Sustainable agriculture

Sustainable and food-safe potato cultivation is integral to feeding the ever-increasing global population. As Farm Frites total volume of potatoes grew, all their potatoes remained traceable back to the farm where they were grown.

In 2022, 96% of Farm Frites potatoes fell under a potato safety scheme and 92% of their potatoes performed at the bronze level of the Farm Sustainability Assessment (FSA) or higher.

A primary objective for Farm Frites is to elevate all their potatoes to meet or exceed this bronze standard by 2025. Their share of potatoes that performed at the FSA gold level rose to 34% and 57% has FSA Silver.

Water management

Water scarcity is a global issue of increasing concern. Farm Frites is steadfastly committed to reducing their fresh water consumption to lessen the strain on this crucial resource.

In 2022, they achieved a reduction in fresh water intake of 8.8% compared to their 2018 baseline year. This puts them well on track to achieve their 2025 goal of reducing water intake intensity by 15%.

Sustainable packaging

Farm Frites strives to deliver its products using packaging solutions with the smallest environmental impact. This means using fully recyclable packaging and minimising the amount of material used, while fully retaining all packaging functionalities and product quality.

Significant progress has been made in the use of plastic film per tonne of product. However, overall packaging intensity was not reduced due to a growth in sales in the Middle East, which requires more robust boxes to ensure product quality during transport.

In 2022, all their cardboard boxes were recyclable. An impressive 91% of their plastic film met recycling standards. Farm Frites is proactively partnering with their suppliers to elevate this figure to 100%.

Farm Frites Sustainability Report 2022

(Click to download the full report | PDF) Farm Frites Sustainability Report 2022

Farm Frites Sustainability Report 2022

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