Сornish new potatoes at Tesco herald the arrival of summer

Philip Pryor harvesting Cornish New Potatoes

Philip Pryor harvesting Cornish New Potatoes

Junio 23, 2024

Freshly harvested Cornish New Potatoes arrive in Tesco stores and online from June 24 to the delight of shoppers across the United Kingdom. Cornish New Potatoes are some of the earliest UK mainland New Potatoes of the summer. 

Thanks to the milder maritime climate, Cornish farmers can plant their spuds well before spring arrives in the rest of the UK, and they’re freshly harvested to order while they’re still small and naturally sweet, with a delicate fluffy skin. 

Cornish New potatoes will be available in selected Tesco stores and online from June 24to mid-August thanks to leading potato supplier, Branston, working closely with dedicated farmers across Cornwall.

Lucia Washbrook, sales and marketing director at Branston:

"Cornish New potatoes are always a hit with consumers across the UK as they’re a true New potato, harvested while slightly immature, and packed and delivered swiftly to retain their natural sweetness. We work with fantastic growers in Cornwall who know how to work in harmony with their unique and fertile landscape. They plant and harvest each field to grow the best quality crop as early as possible."

Seasonality is increasingly influencing the way Britain shops, and Branston and Tesco are continually working together to ensure the best and freshest crops are making their way to customers.

Harry Holder, potato buyer at Tesco:

"We are proud champions of British agriculture and share our customers’ love of British produce, so we are thrilled that it is that time of year when we can champion our Cornish growers and their early season potatoes.

These delicious new season potatoes are mild and sweet with a slight earthy flavour and we think they represent some of the best that Cornwall has to offer."

To celebrate this year’s Cornish crops, Seasonal Spuds, the consumer arm of Branston, has also released three delicious recipes that put fresh ingredients in the spotlight.

Lucia Washbrook:

"We’re all about bringing the best of British produce to the homes of consumers and Cornish New potatoes are a real highlight in the year. We pride ourselves on close relationships with farmers who value quality and sustainable growing techniques, while making it our mission to educate customers on the versatility of seasonal produce."

"Whether you’re grabbing a Cornish-style pasty with feta and pepper for a picnic, tucking into our fennel and hake traybake alfresco or replicating the flavours of the seaside with mackerel fishcakes, there’s a Cornish New potato recipe for everyone."

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