Hemant Gaur, Founder, MD SV Agri: 'New Varieties to Shape the Future of India's Potato Value Chain'

New Potato varieties

New Varieties to Shape the Future of India's Potato Value Chain - Hemant Gaur, Founder, MD S V Agri

Enero 25, 2024

SV Agri organized its Annual Variety and Seed Farm Show from January 8th to 10th, featuring the display of 14 new potato varieties.

Additionally, participants were informed that the company plans to showcase eight more promising varieties in the upcoming years.

During the event, Mr. Hemant Gaur, Founder and Managing Director of SV Agri, emphasized the importance of new varieties in the contemporary development of potato-centric farming and markets in India.

He commended the role of CPRI in the development of new varieties and highlighted SV Agri's collaboration with Agrico, a leading potato seed producer based in the Netherlands.

The company provided detailed descriptions of 14 showcased potato varieties from Agrico, six of which have been commercially marketed by SV Agri among farmers, while the remaining eight will be introduced next year.

All 14 potato varieties are currently undergoing trials in over 50 locations, with 13 of them being white skin varieties.

Among the marketed varieties, One is designated for ration, two for French fries, and three for chips. These varieties demonstrated excellent yields and storage capacity in various fields. These are named as Lavender, Ganesh, Winner, Cyrus, Napoleon, and Nike.

The main focus of this exhibition was on new varieties based on climate change and emerging market needs.

Mainly such varieties were displayed which were heat tolerant (heat tolerant variety), waterlogging tolerant, late blight resistant, scab disease resistant, Golden Nematode resistant varieties etc.

Most of the varieties displayed are dual-purpose varieties that meet the quality requirements for both table potatoes and potatoes for processing (French fries and chips) markets.

Potato seedlings

Potato seedlings

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