Rosenqvists Food Technologies to Attend Snackex 2024 in Stockholm, Sweden

Rosenqvists Food Technologies to Attend Snackex Exhibition in Stockholm, June 2024

Rosenqvists Food Technologies to Attend Snackex Exhibition in Stockholm, June 2024

Junio 03, 2024

Rosenqvists Food Technologies is pleased to announce participation in the upcoming Snackex exhibition in Stockholm this June. 

The event promises to be an excellent opportunity to engage with colleagues, partners, and valued clients within the snacks' industry. At the booth, visitors can explore the latest advancements to enhance energy efficiency and improve frying systems for snack pellets, nuts, and potato chips. 

The team will showcase innovations that make the frying systems more sustainable and cost-effective, reflecting a commitment to supporting the industry's move towards greener practices. 

In addition, attendees can discover an extensive range of distribution conveyors designed to streamline production processes and ensure high-quality snack delivery. A highlight of the exhibition will be the live demonstration of a 1000 kg/hour chips line, which can be monitored and controlled via a state-of-the-art dashboard. 

This demonstration offers a first-hand look at the efficiency and reliability of these systems in action. As in previous shows, there will be a fun competition on snack-related topics with a chance to win a cool speaker for outdoor use – perfect for summer breaks with friends and family. 

All attendees are invited to visit the booth to learn more about these cutting-edge technologies and discuss how Rosenqvists Food Technologies can help elevate snack production capabilities.

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