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Rosenqvists Multi Turbulent Blancher

Rosenqvists counter flow Multi Turbulent Blancher is used in the potato chip process to reduce the sugar content of the potato strips. The frying process reveals the amount of sugar by darkening the color. The darker the color of the potato chips, the higher the sugar content.

In order to reduce the sugar content of the potato chips, the sugar has to be removed from the slices. This process is called blanching. Rosenqvists counter flow Multi Turbulent Blancher uses hot water. Each slice is separated and treated individually.

The Multi Turbulent Blancher has four main parts:
  • Hood with a paddle belt
  • Pan with multiple water intake and outlets in the bottom, where water is injected along both sides
  • Bottom belt can be used for transportation when there is no need for blanching As the slices enter the first zone of the blancher
  • The paddle belt ensures that a constant number of slices are conveyed through the machine.

All slices are treated uniformly and for the same amount of time. The injectors create a turbulent water flow that separates the slices resulting in even heat treatment. The water can be heated by either thermo oil or directly injected steam. Freshwater is added via a spray ramp above the discharge section. The water discharge is placed at the infeed.

Due to the counter flow main water stream, the water in the process is used with optimal efficiency. The Multi Turbulent Blancher adjusts the temperature of the water for the desired product profile

MTB1Z03T6940700Min. 2070Min. 20501300 kg/h18 kW
MTB2Z05T6940900Min. 2070Min. 20501700 kg/h18 kW
MTB2Z07T74401100 Min. 2070Min. 20502600 kg/h18 kW
MTB2Z10T79401100Min. 2070Min. 20503100 kg/h18 kW
MTB2Z15T84401300Min. 2070Min. 20504300 kg/h25 kW
MTB2Z20T89401600Min. 2070Min. 20506000 kg/h25 kW
MTB2Z25T94401800Min. 2070Min. 20507600 kg/h25 kW
MTB2Z30T104401800Min. 2070Min. 20509300 kg/h25 kW