Empresas de Investigación y Desarrollo en El Reino Unido

Agri Markets Ltd (World Potato Markets)

Agri Markets Ltd offers World Potato Markets, a weekly electronic newsletter that monitors European and World markets for potatoes


As a leading provider of agronomy services, technology and strategic advice, Agrii combines excellence and innovation with the latest research and development

AHDB Potatoes (Potato Council)

AHDB Potatoes (formerly known as Potato Council) is a public body working on behalf of potato growers and purchasers to promote British potatoes.

Burleigh Dodds Science Publishing

Burleigh Dodds Science Publishing is an award-winning, "climate-smart" agricultural science publisher whose publications helps agricultural scientists in addressing how to feed a growing population in the face of climate change and increasing competition for land, water, and other resources.

Cambridge University Potato Growers Research Association (CUPGRA)

The Cambridge University Potato Growers Research Association (CUPGRA) is a charitable association of potato growers, agronomists, packers, processors and other stakeholders in the supply-chain who value independent, high-quality research.

CCm Technologies

CCm Technologies, formally known as CCm Research, is an award winning cleantech company, focused on resource optimisation, including Carbon Capture and Utilisation (CCU).
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Ecospray is an independent UK-based biopesticide company ​based in Bury St Edmunds, England. They have through extensive research a thorough understanding of the science and mode of action that enables Ecospray garlic extract to be approved as a PPP.

Emerald Research Limited

Emerald Research is a market leader in researching and developing 'Next Generation' plant nutrients, biostimulants, and biological products.

EuroSciCon Ltd

EuroSciCon, founded in 2001 is a UK based independent life science Events Company with predominantly business and academic client base. The key strategic objective of EuroSciCon is to communicate science and medical research between academia, clinical practice and the pharmaceutical industry.

Gowan Crop Protection Limited

Gowan Crop Protection Limited is located in the Rothamsted Centre for Research and Enterprise (RoCRE) in Harpenden, England and manages Gowan's growing international business and operations.

Harper Adams University

The Harper Adams University is a university located near Newport, in the United Kingdom. Established in 1901, the university is a specialist provider of higher education for the agricultural and rural sector.


HZPC UK is the UK subsidiary of a Dutch company, specializing in the development and marketing of potato varieties that meet economic, societal, and environmental expectations.
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James Hutton Institute (JHI)

The James Hutton Institute is an international research centre based in Scotland.

John Innes Centre

The John Innes Centre is an independent, international center of excellence in plant science, genetics, and microbiology.


Make more profitable procurement decisions by planning, forecasting and recording all supply tonnages and quality in one Crop Intelligence Platform. KisanHub licences the Platform to Groups, Processors and Packers of Potatoes (and other crops).

Leatherhead Food Research

Founded in 1919, Leatherhead Food Research, based near London, UK, is an independent organisation delivering innovative research, scientific consultancy and regulatory guidance and interpretation.

Levity CropScience

Levity CropScience is a research oriented company in the United Kingdom working to make fertilizers to be more efficiently taken up and used by crops - including the potato crop.

Mintel Group Ltd

Mintel Group Ltd is a privately owned, London-based market research firm.


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