GMF-Gouda redesigns Brush'n-belt dry peel remover
    GMF-Gouda has re-engineered its successful Brush-‘n-Belt dry peel remover. Although the proven concept of the machine remained, many innovative features contribute to improved processing capacity and ease of use, maintenance and cleaning. The new dry peel remover will be used in the potato processing industry and vegetable deep-freezing and canning industry and guarantees processing capacities up to 45 tons/hour, 24 hours a day.

    For processing potatoes the bristle length of the new brushes has been increased. This results not only in more flexibility but also allows a more gentle operation of the brushes, offering lower unwanted peel losses and an extended life time of the brushes.

    Also contributing to a better peeling process is the possibility to individually set the speed of the brushes. To realize this, the central drive was replaced by electrical motors for each individual brush. An additional advantage of this new drive concept is the fact that V-belts, timing belts, pulleys, etc. have become obsolete, whilst the noise production and maintenance has been reduced significantly.

    Maintenance and replacement of the brushes is also easier because the brushes are almost 65% lighter, the result of a number of changes in the construction.