McDonald Israel franchisers, Alonyal, is being sued for NIS 100 million in a class action motion that alleged an attempt to mislead eaters about sodium in the food. The salty food poses a health hazard, says plaintiff Yoram Peri, in elevating the risk of heart attack.

    McDonald's responded that as a pioneer in nutritional labeling, the chain has published brochures listing information collected in independent laboratory analyses, even though it is not required to do so. "Unfortunately, the sodium results were incorrect,"it said.

    "It should be kept in mind that this (corrected) information is less than 15% of the daily recommended amount, and that there is no health risk involved in the correctly labeled amount of sodium. In fact, this is a reasonable and desirable amount,"the fast food giant said.

    The company said it has corrected its labeling, nutritional brochures and Web site in response to Peri's threat of legal action, and called the current claim a bid to obtain money in an out-of-court settlement.