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Overview of the European Food Starch market

January 30, 2008
Europe's food starch market in 2007 was characterised by further consolidation. The widespread ingredient, just like other food ingredients, was faced with the dramatic rise in raw material costs as well as the biofuel boom and other industry challenges.

Nonetheless, the European food starch and food starch derivatives markets ended the year with approximately a 1% increase growth increase in volume terms – a significant 4.6 million tons (which accounts for just over half of all European starch production).

Frost &Sullivan estimates Europe’s food starch market revenue at the end of 2006 at USD 3.65 billion. The market research firm even predicts that revenue will amount to USD 5.72 billion by 2014.
Companies in this Article
Avebe is a main manufacturer of potato starch, located in the Netherlands. Avebe sells native and modified potato starch as well as potato protein globally for use in food, feed, paper, building, textiles and adhesives industries.
Tate & Lyle is a leading manufacturer of renewable food and industrial ingredients, headquartered in the United Kingdom. Tate & Lyle currently operates more than 45 production facilities, mainly in the Americas, Europe and South East Asia.
Ingredion is a leading global ingredient solutions provider serving customers in more than 120 countries. Native and modified starches are among the potato based ingredients offered.
To the snack industry and for the preparation of french fries, Cargill supplies Frying Oils and a range of Ingredients, including texturizers, flavor systems and salt. Frying oil brands include Clear Valley and eLitra high oleic canola oils.