JEPO/Jeppo Potatis Ab

    JEPO - the farmer owned potato processing company, which is the marketleader in Finland for vacuum packed cooked potato products - has increased the capacity of their production line: the cooking section in the pasteuriser has been lenghtened, the post-cooking section has been taken away and the pre-cooling section has been shortened.

    The market has appreciated the high and stable quality of JEPO's vacuum packed cooked potato products and the sales increase was very satisfactory. The production line has been running on full capacity throughout the autumn until the week before Christmas. That week started a 7 days refurbishment of the NIKO pasteuriser, which was acquired in year 2000. The cooking section will become double the lenght, the post-cooking section is taken away and the pre cooling section is shortened. The cooling of the potato products will be done, as before, in the spiralcooler but for a longer time.