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Steven Brower (Carolina Starches) joins Trident Workforce Investment Board

 Carolina Starches
October 24, 2008
Steven Brower is an Owner/Partner in Carolina Starches, North America’s leading supplier of specialty potato starch derivatives for the pulp and paper and allied industries. Brower and his two partners purchased the North American Paper Division assets of Dutch potato starch manufacturer AVEBE in 2004.

The Trident Workforce Investment Board (TWIB) provides funding for programs to develop the regional workforce in North Carolina.
Companies in this Article
Avebe is a main manufacturer of potato starch, located in the Netherlands. Avebe sells native and modified potato starch as well as potato protein globally for use in food, feed, paper, building, textiles and adhesives industries.
Carolina Starches is a North American supplier of specialty potato starch derivatives for the Pulp and Paper and allied industries.