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Dallas Group of America promotes Dalsorb oil purifier at Snackex
June 08, 2009

Whether you fry crisps, chips, nuts, tortillas, or pellets DALSORB® is the smart way to get more mileage from your frying oil. With DALSORB® you maintain consistent oil quality and eliminate the need to ever discard your frying oil. DALSORB® makes it easy to deliver delicious flavor and light, crisp texture while extending the shelf life of your fried products.

DALSORB® is the only product on the market that can eliminate frying oil discard. DALSORB® keeps oil fresh by controlling and removing degradation by-products formed during the frying process.DALSORB® controls polar compounds, reduces free fatty acids and color, and removes off-odors and off-flavors from frying oil. The results are lower frying cost and consistent, high quality fried products.

Take a look at a real case study that highlights the benefits of DALSORB®.


Source: Dallas Group of America