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     Kiremko Food Processing Equipment
    Earlier Kiremko reported on the booming potato flakes business, with a significant number of new projects for this particular product being realized around the world. Kiremko was fortunate to be part of this development and during the decade the potato flakes have formed a substantial part of Kiremko's annual turnover.

    The Chinese central and regional governments are keen to develop a modern potato processing industry capable of turning the yearly 72 million tons (!) potato crop into value-added products and thereby reduce extreme poverty in the country side of traditional potato growing areas such as Gansu, Inner Mongolia and Heilongjiang province.

    One of the most prestigious contracts recently awarded to Kiremko was from Jianping Green Dragon Co. for a turnkey plant of a double-drum flake processing line with a 1.200 kg/hr. output capacity. The company is based around 500 km north-east of Beijing in the Liaoning province close to the border with Inner Mongoliawhere the major part of the raw materialis sourced.

    The mother company, which has a diversified range of business activities but which main source of income is mining, saw the potential for potato processing in the beginning of the new Millennium. Contacts with Kiremko already date from that time, but back then the decision was made to install a locally manufactured line. In 2006,however, after some negative experiences with this equipment, the owner Mr Liu Zhengbin determined to take no risks and made the resources available for what can truly be considered a state-of-the-art process line.

    The complete potato flake line was madein close cooperation with Kiremko’spartner Idaho Steel Products (ISP). With over 60 drum dryers for potato flakes installed, the ISP drum dryer is now also increasingly in use in other regions of the world.

    The ISP drum dryer is specifically designed for the needs of the potato processing industry and amongst its features should be mentioned its high evaporation performance per square meter, full stainless steel construction including stainless steel surface coating, programmable automatic scraping system and remotely adjustable applicator rollers to improve operation flexibility.

    This flake line is in production since last summer.
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