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     Thermo Fisher Scientific Arena 20 autoanalyser
    Snack makers on the alert for acrylamide formation in their baked products have a new tool at their disposal to rapidly analyse asparagine levels.

    Thermo Fisher Scientific claims its automated photometric method is a "simple and effective"way to establish asparagine levels.


    In addition, the firm states that its Arena system applications are available for measuring reducing sugars that are an integral part of acrylamide formation.


    All Arena products – the Arena 20, 20XT, 30 and 60 – use "disposable multicell cuvette technology" to provide a "true discrete analysis, virtually eliminating carryover".


    With regards to the time factor, the company claims that "several analytes can be measured simultaneously from a single sample", and many blanking possibilities are available "to eliminate interfering substances like the sample matrix effects."



    Ultimately, the company suggests its ready-to-use kits can minimise "reagent consumption", consequently lowering operating costs and reducing waste.

    Press release of the launch of the Thermo Fisher asparagine analysis