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Agrana potato starch campaign completed: 40,200 tonnes of potato starch produced

 Agrana Potato starch
January 26, 2010
During the potato starch campaign at the AGRANA plant in Gmünd, Lower Austria, between 26 August and 15 December 2009, a total of 187,400 tonnes of starch potatoes were processed (prior year: 198,532 tonnes), of which 5,100 tonnes were organic potatoes, with a starch content of around 18.5%, to produce 40,200 tonnes of starch (prior year: 42,400 tonnes).

In addition, the autumn deliveries also included 8,000 tonnes of food industry potatoes and 3,100 tonnes of organic food industry potatoes for processing into shelf-stable potato products such as potato flakes.
Companies in this Article
AGRANA Stärke GmbH is the operating company of the starch division with a potato starch factory in Gmünd, a corn starch factory in Aschach and a bioethanol plant in Pischelsdorf.