The Billy Goat Chip Company churns out some of St. Louis' best potato chips

September 29, 2010
More and more people in St Louis are choosing the Billy Goat Chip Company for potato chips to satisfy their salty cravings.

"The hardest way you can do it is the way we do it,"explains Rob Lyons, one of the owners of The Billy Goat Chip Company.

You see, for these guys, creating the perfect potato chip is an art.

"They're a hand made chip so you have to make it by hand,"adds Rob's business partner Brian Roth.

So, each chip is cut by hand, long ways, rinsed and kettle cooked in a cute little building on Loughborough.

"Right now we do about 6,000 to 8,000 pounds of raw potatoes a week,"explains Roth.