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Gourmet chips fryer: New system from Kiremko
May 30, 2010
After receiving several requests from new and existing clients and recognising the huge growth in this market, Kiremko have developed a totally new system for producing the so called Gourmet or hand-fried style chips.
After in depth market research, we identified the needs of the processors and also the failing of systems, which were already in the market. We carried out extensive frying tests with our partner QBTEC (formally Kiremko Duurland) and developed a design based around an existing burner system produced by QBTEC for the catering industry.
The burner system is a compact, highly thermal efficient unit, giving a large amount of heat transfer with low skin temperatures in a small space. The Kireheat burner unit as it is called, is tested and approved by the Dutch government, so its high thermal efficiency is not just claimed but is proven.
The compact modular design has allowed us to design a fryer with extremely low oil content. The oil turnover time is dramatically reduced compared to existing systems and as such the problem of high FFA levels, which are typical in existing systems, is resolved.
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