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    Serbian prime Minister Mirko Cvetkovic opened new lines for production of potato crisps at the Marbo Product factory today in Backi Maglic, which will enable the employment of 100 workers and will also indirectly create 400 jobs in potato processing and maintenance of installations.
    On this occasion, Cvetkovic underlined that the unemployment issue is crucial for Serbia although it is exiting the economic crisis. This is why the opening of new production plants and jobs is of great importance.
    The food processing industry is very significant for Serbia, he pointed out, noting that Serbia can become a leader in this field on a wider scale, as it is already in the region.
    The Prime Minister said that the inflation rate this year will remain within the planned framework of between four and eight percent.
    He emphasised that the Serbian government is pursuing an active policy when it comes to the prices of basic foodstuffs, recalling that oil at lower prices has been withdrawn from commodity reserves, while bakers have been allocated wheat for the production of “Sava” bread.
    The opening of a €20 million Marbo Product plant, Marbo being a member of Pepsico Group, was also attended by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy and Regional Development Mladjan Dinkic and US Ambassador to Serbia Mary Warlick.
    The new investment also includes a plant for wastewater processing worth €4 million.

    Dinkic pointed out that all other investors in Serbia should take into account environmental issues the way Marbo Product has done.
    He stressed that the priority is to increase exports and added that our country is slowly emerging from the economic crisis, which is evidenced by the fact that some 80 new foreign companies are showing interest in Serbia.
    Warlick highlighted that the success of Marbo Product is an excellent example of partnership between Serbia and the United States and illustrated that there is a constant interest of US companies in investing in the Serbian market.