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    Armenia plans to maintain the volume of export of potato in 2011 on the level of 2010 in the amount of 3723 tons and even increase the indicators, said Deputy Agriculture Minister of Armenia Robert Makaryan on Thursday.

    He did not make any forecasts regarding the harvest of potato this year and only mentioned that this year the volumes will increase compared to the last year.

    “Now the cost of potato in local markets is relatively high, as the season of mass collection of harvest has not started yet. But, depending on the quality and the size of the potato, the cost per one kilo of potato is 150-250 drams”, said Makaryan.

    Today potato is mainly exported from Armenia to Georgia. He mentioned the necessity of export development in the country.

    In the frames of seed development program in 2011 it is planned to import about 3 thousand seeds of potato to Armenia.

    Total territory of potato seeding in 2010 in Armenia was 28.3 thousand ha