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BEST wins The Export Lion 2011

 BEST wins export Lion 2011: (left to right) Bert Van der Auwera (CSO
June 19, 2011

Belgian Manufacturer of optical sorters BEST was awarded The Export Lion 2011.

The award was presented by Balgian Minister-President Kris Peeters to BEST CSO, Bert Van der Auwera.

In 2004 BEST also won The Export Lion in the category “Best Performer”. Today, the company demonstrated the realization of its ambitions and goals set in 2004.

BEST was also praised for its innovative developments and management.

BEST indicated to be very proud of this achievement and expressed its commitment to keep offering the same level of quality to our customers.

In the category “small companies, with less than 50 employees”, the family business Orfit Industries won the award.

“The Export Lion” is an initiative of the Flemish organization Flanders Investment and Trade.

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Source: BEST News

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BEST, Belgian Electronic Sorting Technology, manufactures and installs optical sorters based on laser, camera, LED, X-ray, or a combination.