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BEST (Belgian Electronic Sorting Technology)

This page has been inactivated because BEST (Belgian Electronic Sorting Technology) was acquired by TOMRA Sorting Food. BEST is meanwhile also phased out as a brand name

BEST (Belgian Electronic Sorting Technology) was acquired by TOMRA Sorting Food in June 2012. After the acquisition, BEST was continued as a brand name, but this formally ended in January 2016, when all equipment was branded TOMRA

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Company Description
A Subsidiary of:
BEST, Belgian Electronic Sorting Technology, manufactures and installs optical sorters based on laser, camera, LED, X-ray, or a combination.

BEST offers sorting solutions for peeled potatoes, french fries, wedges, flakes, potato chips, tacos and potato cubes or slices.

BEST joined TOMRA Sorting Solutions Food in June 2012.

As of early 2016, the name BEST is no longer in use and all products are branded TOMRA
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Research Park Haasrode Romeinse straat, 20
3001 Heverlee
+32 16 396 390