Jan Wolthuis
    The management board of potato cooperation Agrico has nominated Jan Wolthuis from its members as the new chairman. As such, he succeeds Herman Vermeer, who left in April 2011. During the general meeting of 15 December, Wolthuis was unanimously affirmed in his new position.

    Potato cooperation Agrico's management board is charged with supervising the management's policy, the general course of affairs in the Cooperation and the related enterprise. The board has a solid cooperator in Jan Wolthuis as chairman.

    On 15 April 2004, Wolthuis, as a seed grower, entered Agrico's management, which merged with the board of supervisory directors into the management board of Agrico in December 2004.

    After Vermeer's departure, Wolthuis, vice-chairman at the time, acted as supervisory chairman.

    Wolthuis states to be thrilled with the nomination: 'After having a lot of thought about this position, I eventually put myself forward as a candidate for chairman. I feel very involved with all the divisions in our Cooperation. As a chairman, I would like to be the link between the organisation with properly qualified people and the potato grower members. Agrico is a decent organisation of which we can pride ourselves. Together with our fine board, I'd love to work on the further development of the earning capacity and opportunities for our members.'

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    Jan Wolthuis, new chairman of the Agrico management board

    Source: Agrico