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Netherlands: Despite high price there is a lot of demand for potatoes.

Netherlands: 'Despite high price there is a lot of demand for potatoes'.

The mood in the Dutch potato market still remains good, according to potato exporter Altena: "Despite the high prices, there is still a good demand," says Kees Schouten of Potato Wholesale Altena.

According to the potato trader, there is particularly good demand for chipping potatoes and light-skinned potatoes for small packs.

"Especially from England and Scotland, the demand is big. Due to the wet weather more than half of the potatoes are still in the ground. This week good weather is forecast in Europe. So I expect that the Dutch and German farmers will be finished harvesting at the end of the week. In Belgium it is a bit more difficult," adds Mike.

According to Kees the quality of the potatoes in particular the early plots is good, but the late plots may have some more problems. The price of potatoes for the farmer is currently around 20 cents.

"That has not been the case for a long time ago and it is nice for the growers. The question is whether these prices can be sustained as stocks increase. Eastern European and African buyers are a bit shocked at the high prices," concludes Chris.