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     avebe 2012 campaign
    Dutch starch manufacturer AVEBE has started the harvesting season. The factory in Gasselternijveen began supplying starch potatoes today, and a start will be made with processing them at the factory in Ter Apelkanaal next week.

    The factories in Germany will also be starting their processing operations next week.

    The starch potato growing season has gone well up to now. The seedlings were planted under good conditions in April. The cool spring resulted in the growth of the crops getting off to a slow start, but after that everything went well at most locations. The growing conditions this month are of great importance to the size of the ultimate harvest.

    The weather in September and October will have a decisive impact on the harvesting work itself. Since the potato acreage is smaller this year, we are expecting a slight decrease in the production of potato starch in Europe compared to 2011.

    The potato logistics and transport procedure is being modified to improve efficiency. The loading and delivery process will be completely document-free with effect from this harvesting season, for instance.

    Source: Avebe