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     Saltworks new building
    SaltWorks, Inc. ( doesn't do anything halfway, and it has a brand new, 100,000 sq. ft, state-of-the-art gourmet salt factory to prove it.

    With more than $3 million in upgrades, the new SaltWorks headquarters coincides with the company's 10-year anniversary and is the most sophisticated natural salt flavoring, smoking, cleaning, sizing and packaging facility on the planet.

    In the 10 years since its inception, SaltWorks, which offers over 110 different varieties of gourmet salts, has grown to become the leading gourmet salt company in the world. SaltWorks' new facility reflects massive equipment upgrades, allowing for improvement on already impressive quality standards. This means the final salt products shipped from this new facility are guaranteed to be the most impressive yet. As Mark Zoske, founder &CEO, puts it, "This is just the beginning - we will continue to pioneer the natural salt industry and offer the best quality and most ground breaking products possible. With the best technology out there, SaltWorks is able to not only innovate, but also to preserve the unique artistry of each specialty salt."

    The new SaltWorks headquarters also includes an upgraded natural smoking facility which quadruples the company's salt smoking capacity. There, SaltWorks smokes its famous brands of All Natural gourmet sea salt, including the brand new Smokehouse line. Smokehouse includes three remarkable new smoked sea salts: the rich, deeply smoky Bonfire™ - smoked over 7 woods for 14 days;Wildfire®, a blend of pecan-smoked Northwest sea salt, garlic and rosemary;and Hellfire® mesquite-smoked habanero and lime sea salt. SaltWorks also custom smokes with an unlimited variety of real woods and salts and offers private label packaging.

    Back in 2001, SaltWorks was a relatively unknown start-up built on the passion Zoske had for sea salt. Today, with his team of passionate salt experts in tow, it is the world's leading gourmet salt source - breaking new ground in the production of natural artisanal sea salt.

    Source:Saltworks Inc