SONIC is expanding its unique Tots offering by introducing new Sweet Potato Tots to its menu for a limited time.

According to data from the USDA Economic Research Service, sweet potato U.S. per capita consumption has been on the rise, even as white potato consumption has slowed.

As a result, it looks like the unsung spud is finally getting its due and feeling the love beyond the Thanksgiving dinner table.

"Everyone is talking about sweet potatoes as a trend but few are putting unique offerings on their menus,"said Clas Petersson, vice president of product &packaging. "SONIC is excited to offer its guests such a distinctive food flavor. If you love SONIC's tots and sweet potatoes, this is a match made in heaven."

SONIC's Sweet Potato Tots are a perfect innovation, combining sweet and salty flavors in the Tot form loved by SONIC guests. The new Tots can be enjoyed as a snack or additional upgrade to any of SONIC's combo meals.