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Grimme launches self- propelled potato harvester in the United Kingdom

Grimme Varitron 470
November 30, 2013
Grimme has introduced its flagship Varitron 470 four-row self-propelled potato harvester to the UK. One machine has been undergoing testing in East Anglia, while another has already been sold for red beet harvesting.

At £525,000 the machine represents a serious financial investment. However, the company points out that recent wet autumns and soil damage are increasingly prompting growers to try to avoid harvesting into late November.

The UK market for self-propelled harvesters, about 50 units a year, may be specialised, but it is competitive. De Wulf (sold by Niagri Engineering at Thetford) has reported a record sales year for its two-row machine, while fellow Belgian maker AVR is now operating in the UK through four dealers. Meanwhile, PMC Harvesters in Fakenham, Norfolk, has started importing Ploeger three- and four-row machines.

Companies in this Article
Dewulf is a global supplier of a complete line of agricultural machinery for the cultivation of potatoes and root crops
AVR bvba is a Belgian manufacturer of a full range of machinery for the cultivation of potatoes as well as other bulbous and tuberous plants. From seed bed preparation, planting and ridging to haulm topping, harvesting and storing.
Based in Damme, Germany, Grimme provides a full range of potato harvesters, from single row harvesters to the most sophisticated computer-controlled self-propelled machines. Grimme also manufactures a full range of planting equipment with sophisticated storage and handling equipment.
Ploeger is a Dutch company offering harvesters, including potato harvesters.