Field to store within 48 hrs
    Greenvale, the UK’s leading potato supplier, will be celebrating the return of this season’s British Gems baby new potatoes in Sainsbury’s with a marketing campaign heralding the great British summer and a season jam-packed with iconic British events.

    An on pack promotion, running from the launch in June to 23 July, will give Sainsbury’s customers the chance to win tickets to some of the jewels in the British summer events calendar such as Ascot, Wimbledon and The Proms.

    Customers will also be treated to in store sampling where they can try some of the tasty British Gems recipes plus pick up a handy recipe card to try them out at home. There will also be a range of in store promotional materials.

    Selected for their delicious buttery flavour, firm waxy texture and thin skin, British Gems will be sold exclusively through Sainsbury’s as part of the Taste the Difference range. They will be available in store from June until the end of October and will start on shelf at £3 for a 1kg pack.

    Sainsbury’s potato buyer Julien Roberts said: “When the Jersey Royal season finished at the end of June, I noticed there wasn’t anything around at that time of year to match them for great eating quality. We set about looking for a new variety that topped all the taste panels and discovered the British Gem.”

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    Greenvale's British Gems baby New Potatoes at Sainsbury

    Available on shelf within just 48 hours of being harvested from the fields in Shropshire and Cornwall, these golden hued new potatoes are gloriously fresh and ready to be boiled, sautéed, crushed or simply popped in a potato salad.

    Greenvale handles 600,000 tonnes of potatoes every year and has been a major supplier to Sainsbury’s for over 40 years.