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AVR shows Puma Varioweb at Potato Europe 2014

During Potato Europe 2014 in Bockerode, near Hannover, AVR demonstrates its lightweight harvester: the Puma+ with the patented Varioweb cleaning system.

Also new to the gamma is the crop handling machinery, formerly Climax, which will be demonstrated also.

On this year’s Potato Europe show AVR will be demonstrating in three categories: planting, harvesting and crop handling. Presented machinery is:

  • Ceres 400 (4 row planter)
  • Spirit 6200 (harvester)
  • Spirit 9200 (harvester)
  • Puma + (harvester)
  • CSB 2600 bunker (crop handling)
  • Twin conveyor CDVE 1600/65 (crop handling)
  • Storage loader CTHV 3485 (crop handling)

On the booth, visitors will be able to discover the technology of the GE force (soil preparation), Speedridger, UH 3710 (2 row planter), Rafale (haulm topper) and a CTK 1050 (conveyor).

Puma+ Varioweb: adjustable cleaning intensity

The Puma+ is the lightweight in her category, what makes it much easier to harvest in muddy grounds for example. As related to its name its characteristics are strength, flexibility, manoeuvrability and speed.

the Puma + Varioweb can harvest in almost any soil/weather condition

Exclusive is the patented Varioweb system. This is a combination of a pintlebelt and an axial roller table/sieving web which guides potatoes to the elevator crossing a sieving web or an axial roller table.

Because this system can be adjusted steplessly, the user himself can regulate the cleaning intensity according to the weather conditions (wet or dry).This technology demonstrates the AVR Keen & Green philosophy: Keen because of it well-thought technology and Green, not only in color, but also in use and durability - both of the machine and your soil (thanks to the low weight)!

The Spirit 9200 can also be equipped with the Varioweb.

The Spirit 9200 can also be equipped with the Varioweb.

New Cabin

New on the Puma+ is the Claas cabine. The wider window gives the driver a perfect visibility on the harvest process. The cabine is also larger than its predecessor, so there is plenty of space for all equipment and video screens. The Claas cabines characterise themselves as being very comfortable, also when working long hours.