Fabcon Batch Fryer saves on Energy
The new Fabcon HCFS 220 Batch Fryer produces up to 220 kgs of finished product per hour using the same or less energy than competitive equipment producing 120 kgs This fully automated PLC controlled Batch Fryer system can also give total control over the complete Process.

The energy saving is achieved by utilizing a high velocity, modulating gas burner with a potential 10-1 turndown ratio. The immersion tube heat exchanger gives excellent heat transfer and fuel efficiencies, excellent combustion rates, allied with low CO2 ratios which gives a maximum flue temperature of only 295 degrees centigrade, much less than conventional systems.

With batch sizes up to 100 kgs and average cycle times of around 450 seconds the HCFS220 is we believe the most efficient and cost effective unit on the market.

Incorporating our new Stir-Matic stirring system allied with high turbulence means an even colour, taste and bite to every potato crisp.

The new Fabcon frying system comes in 2 other sizes, 120 kgs and 160 kgs per hour, The sanitary design and rugged construction is also enhanced by a smaller than expected footprint in your process hall, less oil volume and shorter oil turnover times, essential for lowering FFA levels.

All in all the new HCFS from Fabcon will give you more capacity, use less energy and supply excellent finished product quality, all this at a very competitive price.

From bespoke infeed systems, achieving good separation and delivery to cutters, to the optional ‘fling’ belts into the hot oil, the new HCFS is obviously the way forward with batch cookers.